Indaba Teton Striped Napkin

Indaba Teton Striped Napkin

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Indaba’s series of hand block printed table linens combines the history and hands-on-process of traditional Indian block printing with modern, arty designs. This lightweight 100% cotton napkin unfolds to a generous 20" square in beautifully muted sand tone stripes and it pairs beautifully with modern dinnerware.

100% cotton

Hand printed in India

20” L x 20” W

Sold individually

Due to the artisan nature of the product, no 2 napkins are exactly the same and any small imperfections only add to their uniqueness and beauty

Care Instructions: To preserve the vibrancy of the colour and avoid shrinkage, we recommend that you machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Some shrinkage may occur in hot dryer.