Pokoloko Alpaca Dryer Balls
Pokoloko Alpaca Dryer Balls

Pokoloko Alpaca Dryer Balls

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These best-selling Alpaca Dryer Balls have been a Poko-family favourite for a long time! Ethically-made and eco-friendly, they are a natural and sustainable alternative to your never-ending supply of toxic dryer sheets. Hand-made in a rural Peruvian village, these alpaca balls are felted one-by-one by a female cooperative of skilled artisans in collaboration with their local alpaqueros.

Change your laundry forever with these reusable fabric softeners. Because the comfort of modern home essentials no longer comes at the price of Mother Nature’s wellbeing.

Directions: place 3 balls in the dryer with a regular load. Keep balls in the dryer between loads. Alternatively, store balls in the box that comes with the pack.
The balls absorb moisture and create air circulation in the dryer. This wind effect in the dryer reduces dryer time. At the same time, the balls replace disposable dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls along with the harsh chemicals within them.

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Fairly-traded. Made in Peru.

The dryer balls are made from 50% Peruvian alpaca and 50% Peruvian wool.
Each ball is approx. 3" (8cm) in diameter and 9.5" (24cm) in circumference
To keep the ball's maximum effect, periodically place each ball in a sock, wash on a hot cycle with detergent, remove the ball from the sock, dry the ball on a hot setting.
Any natural pilling can be removed; however, this is not necessary as the pills make balls more effective.